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Disrupting Healthcare One Pharmaceutical
at a Time

Access Through Innovation


Equirix is strategically positioned to transform the pharmaceutical industry. We focus on the development and delivery of high-quality, affordable generics within overlooked drug categories. Our approach leverages the FDA’s 510(k) clearance pathway, allowing for an expedited market entry by demonstrating our products' equivalence to existing solutions. Challenging the current landscape dominated by high costs and limited accessibility. Equirix will accelerate innovation and pave the way for a future where competition fosters affordability and accessibility in healthcare.

Unprecedented Velocity,
Competition & Innovation.

Join us in transforming healthcare—invest in Equirix today and be at the forefront of making essential medications affordable and accessible. Your investment will drive innovation and create a profound impact on communities globally. Let’s redefine the future of pharmaceuticals together.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves


Current Market Size




Projected 2029 Market Size


Patient Price Reduction



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